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Scriptnannies - Script consultations providing a careful analysis of your screenplay with close attention paid to themes, characters, dialogue, structure, description, craft and commercial viability.

Screenwriter Showcase - Offers a valuable screenplay promotion service. Also holds an annual screenwriting contest with prizes including valuable industry exposure.

Coverscript - Screenplay, TV script and treatment analysis, ghostwriting, rewriting and adaptation of novel to screenplay.

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Megahit Movies - Story design for creating popular Hollywood movies.

Script Advisor - Industry story analyst/script consultant and screenwriter in Los Angeles offers screenplay rewriting assistance.

Pneuma Entertainment - Unique one-on-one screenplay and directing coaching and consulting by a true industry insider.

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The Stinkers - Creators of the world's most comprehensive annual bad movie ballot.

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fastshooters - Offers free opportunities for Shorts film-makers to present their work to a broad worldwide audience.

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European Films - About new films from the old continent.

Whoops! Movie Goofs - Movie goofs, flubs, flaws and mistakes in thousands of movies.


Screenplays-Online - Screenplay archive and related discussions.

Conflict Scripts - Created in an effort to produce screenplays for both Film and TV.

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