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                             "House of the Rising Sun"          

                                     Written by
                              Javier Grillo-Marxuach


              A BLAST through the "O" in the Lost logo ends in BLACK - and
              the sound of Jin's voice (in Korean)-
                                  JIN'S VOICE
                        What are you doing?
              SMASH INTO AN E.C.U. - on SUN's opening eye -
          1                                                                    1
              EXT. BEACH - MORNING (DAY 7)
              WIDER TO REVEAL - Sun - kneeling over some flowers, holding
              one by the stem, taking in the scent, then RACK FOCUS - to            
              show JIN - standing by the shore, struggling with a live,
              writhing fish he has plucked from the water -
                        Sun!   I need your help!     Come here!
              Sun turns to her husband.    Her response is dutiful -
                        I'm sorry.     I'm coming.
              - but her expression says otherwise. Turning to gather her
              flowers, Sun's vision drifts - and lands on another couple -
          2                                                                    2
              JACK AND KATE - we JOIN THEM as they pack up to HEAD INTO THE
              JUNGLE. Kate shucks empty WATER BOTTLES into her backpack,
              Jack wrestles with the tangled straps of his pack.
                        I want to know.
                        Well you're not gonna know.
                        What's the big deal?
                        It's not a big deal.
              Kate stands and steps up close, taking the straps of Jack's
              backpack and reaching over his shoulder for a stray clip -
              her arms brush his TATTOOED SKIN repeatedly, a fact not lost
              on either one of them, even as they try to be casual -
          2   (CO NT'D):                                                     2
                        It's just the tattoos and you don't
                        add up.
                        What're you - one of those really
                        hardcore spinal surgeons?
              Jack smiles -- but how he got his ink is his business.              
                        Yeah.   That's me.   Hardcore.
              The repartee comes to an abrupt end as CHARLIE - also wearing
              a backpack - steps up -
                        If you two are through verbally
                        copulating, maybe we ought to get a
                        move on. We have a beach full of
                        people waiting for us to go get
                        them some drinking water... and the
                        Great White Hunter's getting
              Charlie indicates LOCKE, waiting by the tree line.   Stoic.
              SHAVING his stubble with a DISPOSABLE RAZOR.
                        Okay.   Let's do this.
                        Hey, Charlie -- Ask Jack about his
                        Ah. You two have an inside joke.
                        How wonderful for you both.
              And Jack and Kate actually LAUGH as the three head off, we
              MOVE BACK ACROSS THE BEACH TO FIND -                                
          3                                                                  3
              - Sun. A wistful sadness descends as she watches Jack and           
              Kate, then turns to see Jin, who has wrapped the fish in a
              shirt and HITS IT WITH A ROCK -
              - Jin finishes off the fish, then looks up to see MICHAEL and       
              WALT, crossing in front of him as they walk across the shore.       
          3   (CO NT'D):                                                      3
              RESUME ON SUN, looking away and picking up her flowers -
              MATCH CUT TO - a beautiful bouquet of white orchids at -
          4                                                                    4
              - a GALA for KOREAN HIGH SOCIETY. Red-jacketed WAITERS serve
              the throng. And in the CENTER of it all --                            
              SUN - a princess in a cocktail dress - giggling with a crowd
              of GIRLFRIENDS. Sun's hair, clothes, and most importantly,
              HER ATTITUDE makes it clear that this happened years ago -
              when she was a carefree child of privilege.
              While Sun and her friends point out young men in the crowd -
              a WAITER approaches -
                        Another drink, Miss?
              Sun turns to take the flute from the waiter's tray - and
              suddenly we realize -- THE WAITER IS JIN - Young. Sweet.
              SERVILE. A harsh contrast to the man we know on the island.
              Sun and Jin exchange a look.    And then he's gone.
              Sun takes a drink - and notices something written on the
              napkin. Sun smiles to herself as her friends continue to
              gossip, closing her hand tightly around the napkin.
          5                                                                    5
              The party ECHOES in the distance. Sun stands in this
              secluded spot. Senses something behind her. Turns to see --
                        Miss -- You left something.
                        Really?   What?
              Jin approaches... and SUDDENLY -- He pulls Sun into his arms
              and plants a PASSIONATE kiss on her lips. And YEAH, these
              two are having a big-time LOVE AFFAIR. Sun disengages,
              looking around nervously:
          5   (CO NT'D):                                                          5
                       SUN (CONT'D)
              My father -                        - is busy being host.
                                  SUN (CONT'D)
                        We need to get away. Now.
              Jin looks at her - they've had this discussion before:
                        Sun. Look at me. I love you...
                        but I have my honor. I'm not going
                        to kidnap you to another country.
                        It's the only chance we have to -
                           JIN                                    SUN
              Your father would never allow
              it.                                -- It's not his place to
                        Just let me talk to him.      I'll make
                        him understand.
                        You don't know him.
                        I know me.
              Jin smiles again - radiating megawatt charm.        He reaches into      
              his jacket -- pulls out A WHITE ORCHID.                                  
                        It's beautiful...
                        I wish it were a diamond ring.
                        Someday it will be.
              As they fall into a kiss...                                              
          6   EXT. BEACH - DAY                                                  6
              A FOOT stomps DOWN ON SUN'S FLOWERS. Sun looks up - confused
              - realizes that her flowers were just destroyed by -
              - JIN. His EYES BURNING. STRIDING past several CASTAWAYS to  
              a stretch of shore obscured by a PIECE OF LANDING GEAR where -  
              - MICHAEL and WALT walk - unaware of the oncoming danger --            
              SUN gets to her feet, confused -- RUSHES after her husband --
                        Jin?     What's the matter?   Wait...
              - but Jin is already there -- and without any warning - He
              Michael struggles, but Jin has him trapped - unleashes a               
              vicious salvo - this isn't a fight, it's a beating. Michael            
              never saw it coming -- Walt is SCARED SHITLESS --
                        Stop!    Hey! Stop!     Why're you --
              - but WALT catches a stray elbow from the scuffling men and
              falls into the water.
                        JIN STOP!
              Jin pushes Michael's face into the surf.     Michael thrashes -
                        STOP HIM!     PLEASE!
              Michael's strength wanes. Jin pushes him deeper into the
              water. If no one does anything, he will kill this man.
              ACT OF VIOLENCE...
                                      END OF TEASER
                                         ACT ONE
          7    EXT. BEACH - CONTINUED FROM TEASER                                  7
               Chaos.   Violence.   Jin keeps Michael's head under the water.
                            WALT                                 SUN
               Do something! He's gonna               (unsubtitled)
               kill him!                           Jin, please - let him go -
               - but nothing can stop Jin - until - SAYID AND SAWYER rush to
               the beach - Sayid fly-tackles Jin. Michael emerges, coughing             
               salt-water and bleeding. Walt runs to his father.
               Jin struggles savagely, but Sayid's training kicks in. In                
               one swift move he has Jin in a body lock - SHOUTS to Sawyer -            
                           SAYID                              SAWYER
               The handcuffs!
                                                   -- What handcuffs?
                           SAYID                               SAWYER
               From the Sky Marshal -              I don't know what you're -
                          Give them -
                              (re: Jin)
                          - or I point him at you and let go.
               And it still takes Sawyer a beat to decide before he reaches
               into his back pocket - pulling out the CUFFS as Sayid drags
               Jin toward the landing gear wreckage just off the waterline.
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)
                          Over here - now!
               Sawyer LOCKS one cuff onto the wreckage. Sayid secures the
               second cuff around Jin's wrist and backs away - Jin is cuffed
               to the landing gear. All eyes turn to Sun:
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)
                          What happened?
               Scared and intimidated, Sun takes a step back, alone, on the
               hook, and unable to communicate -
          A8                                                                      A8
               Jack leads Kate, Charlie and Locke through the jungle -
          A8   (CO NT'D):                                                    A8
                         Water's this way -
                         How'd you find this place?
               Kate knows there's more to it than that --
               -- but Jack isn't talking about it.      Instead, he turns into a
               narrow stone corridor leading to:
          8                                                                       8
               - as they enter - a ZOOMING BEAUTY PASS shows off Lost's main
               standing set... The Valley. The Valley is much as Jack left
               it last episode - including a huge pile of airplane wreckage
               on a corner by the spring.
                         This is it.
                         It's amazing.                                                 
                             (off Locke)
                         Absolutely... it's totally you.
               Locke looks away from Charlie.      Kate, turns to Jack --
                         Some luck.
               Jack nods, then walks towards the SPRING. Kate follows.
               Charlie, however, stops by the wreckage and looks around:
                         Hey - guys... shouldn't somebody
                         look through this stuff? See if
                         there's anything useful in there?
          8   (CO NT'D):                                                    8
              Charlie looks for affirmation - but Jack and Kate are busy
              filling water bottles. Locke, however, takes Charlie's bait:
                        He's got a point.
                        I do?
              Jack turns from his water gathering:
                        Yeah. Bring me your bottles - keep
                        your eye out for any medical
                        supplies - drugs in particular.
                        Drugs.   Right.
              Locke drops his backpack and steps up to the wreckage.
              Charlie grabs Locke's pack and takes it and his own to Jack,
              who barely acknowledges him as he drops them by his side.
              Charlie watches Locke become engrossed, then looks at Jack
              and Kate, busy with there water collection - and at his own
              hand. It's trembling. Time for another hit.
              Charlie backs away, slowly getting himself out of eyeshot,
              then turns a corner into one of the stone passages out to -
          9                                                                   9
              Charlie trudges along until he is confident that he is alone.
              He then lets out a sigh and produces his baggie. Charlie
              goes to work on the twist-tie when -
                        Don't move.
              Turning white, Charlie drops his arms, discreetly dropping
              the baggie into a pocket, then turns his head to see Locke
              behind him - the look on Locke's face is dire.
                        Look, I was just going to take a -                         
                        Do.   Not.    Move.
              Lock turns toward The Valley entrance and, keeping his tone          
              even, calls for reinforcements -                                     
          9    (CO NT'D):                                                 9
                                   LOCKE (CONT'D)                               
                         Jack... Kate...                                        
               As Jack and Kate step out of The Valley -                        
          9   (CO NT'D): (2)                                                   9
                        What's going on?
                        He's standing on a beehive.
              Charlie looks down and sees it, buried into the soft earth
              under his feet - A MASSIVE BEEHIVE.
                        What's a beehive doing there?
                        Beehives are in trees!
                        What now?
                        If he moves, he'll split the hive.                          
              But the hive is coming to life. A trickle of bees emerges
              from the ground... one of them lands on Charlie's torso.
                        I don't like bees - I have an
                        irrational fear of bees - I think
                        I'm allergic to bees - Bees and I -
                        Will you please be quiet?
              A bee lands on Charlie's arm.     This is Chinese water torture.
              Locke turns to Jack and Kate:
                          LOCKE                               KATE
              We need to find something to
              seal the hive -                    From the wreckage? Something
                                                 we can fit over it?
                                  LOCKE (CONT'D)
                            (to Charlie)
                        Just hold on, Charlie -
              Jack and Kate rush off - a bee lands next to CHARLIE'S EYE...
          10   EXT. BEACH - LANDING GEAR WRECKAGE - DAY                         10
               A heated argument rages between Michael and Sayid. HURLEY
               and Sawyer watch. Michael holds Walt close to his side and
               holds a compress to his forehead with the other hand.
               Sun stands by her Jin, who, on occasion, yells out some angry
               comment in Korean and is duly ignored.
                            I'm getting sick of saying this, I
                            was just combing the beach with my
                            kid when that dude got up on me - I
                            didn't do anything!
                            Surely there must be something you
                            aren't telling us.
                            Where are you from?
                             SAYID                              MICHAEL
               Sayid glares at Michael: this is not the first time he has
               been asked this question by an American.
                                (off Michael's look)
                            OK, man, I don't know how it is in
                            Iraq, but in the United States of
                            America, where I come from, Korean                         
                            people don't like black people.
                            Did you know that?
                                (as Sayid shakes his head)
                            So maybe you ought to talk to him.
               Scared and confused, Walt looks at his dad - he's not sure
               how to process this last comment.
          10    (CO NT'D):                                                 10
                Sun steps up from her husband's side - says something in
                Korean and points at her wrist. Sayid turns to Sun:
                          No.  I am not taking off the cuffs -
                              (then, loudly)
                          The cuffs stay on.
                          Little louder, Omar, maybe then                           
                          she'll understand you.
                STAY on Sun - CLOSING IN ON HER as she steps back to Jin.
                The arguing characters FALL OUT OF FOCUS, as Sun watches -
                knowing they are arguing about her and her husband.
                          Guys. I got a point-of-order
                          question... that Chinese dude's
                          gonna get crispy out here, how long
                          are we keeping him tied down like
                          He can fry for all I care.
                              (off the looks)
                          Hey don't look at me, just `cause I
                          got the metal don't mean I got the
                          He tried to kill Michael. We all
                          saw it, right?
                              (no dissent)
                          He stays cuffed until we know why.
                And now we are TIGHT ON SUN as she turns toward Jin - she
                doesn't have to understand to know this doesn't bode well.          
                And then Sun looks down - and focuses her sight on the
                engagement ring on her hand...
          11                                                                 11
                E.C.U. on Sun's watch, then WIDER TO REVEAL the garden -
                several months since the party from the teaser. Several             
                SERVANTS tend to the beautiful flora around Sun.
          11    (CO NT'D):                                                   11
                Sun waits on a bridge over a pond. Nervous. Waiting. She
                looks up to see a SERVANT - showing Jin out of the house. He
                wears a humble suit and a dire expression.
                Jin pauses, steps up to the bridge, shaking his head - Sun's
                heart is about to break - until he smiles:
                          Your father has given his blessing.
                Sun lets out a joyful little scream - then embraces and
                kisses Jin... right before she punches him on the shoulder -
                          Don't ever do that again!
                              (kisses him, then)
                          How did you - ?
                          I reasoned with him.
                              (as if it was nothing)
                          After a year of management training
                          and another on the factory floor,
                          we'll have the money to do
                          everything we wanted.
                Sun REACTS.   Pulls away -- This was not part of the plan:
                          You're going to work for my father?
                          It was the honorable thing to do.                         
                          But -
                          It was the only way to prove I'm...
                              (off her look)
                          It's temporary.
                And with that, Jin pulls out a velvet-lined gift box - he
                opens it before Sun to reveal a BEAUTIFUL ENGAGEMENT RING -
                          Jin - you can't afford this -
          11    (CO NT'D): (2)                                                 11
                          I can now.
                Sun tries to process the sea change taking place in her life
                as Jin slips the ring on her finger...
          12                                                                   12
          13                                                                   13
                          Are they still coming out? Tell me
                          they're not still coming out.
                - Charlie's fear-stricken face: now that dozens of bees have
                landed on him - BUZZING and FLITTING all over his upper body.
                For a guy already in the throes of the twitches, this whole
                standing-still thing is hell on earth.
                Locke stands where we left him as Jack and Kate rush up --
                Jack with a SUITCASE from the wreckage -                              
                             JACK                              CHARLIE
                Keep still, man. I'm gonna
                try to cover the hive...            -- this is the most crap idea
                                                    ever - it's never going to
                              (picture of Zen)
                          Pull yourself together, son.
                          Listen mate, it wouldn't be "an
                          irrational fear of bees" if I could
                          just pull myself together - now
                          would it?
                And just then E.C.U. ON A BEE - STICKING CHARLIE IN THE NECK
                                     CHARLIE (CONT'D)
                          OW!   SON OF A BITCH!
          13    (CO NT'D):                                                      13
                Reeling from pain, Charlie   STOMPS down on the beehive - AND A
                DENSE CLOUD OF BEES ERUPTS   FROM THE EARTH. The buzz becomes
                a FEARSOME ROAR. And this    is REAL. Not cheesy swarm crap --
                but actual STINGING BEES.    THOUSANDS OF THEM.
                Charlie panics, bats at the air SCREAMING, collecting sting
                after sting as he backs himself into a rock - until - LOCKE
                GRABS CHARLIE, takes off running, following after -
                - Kate and Jack - who run to the only place that seems safe -
          14                                                                     14
                INT. THE VALLEY - CONTINUOUS
                A nightmare. BEES EVERYWHERE. Jack and Kate chew through
                The Valley, instinctively PULLING OFF their bee-infested
                clothes. As they power deeper and deeper into safety -
                Jack WHIPS his shirt against the cave wall - killing the bees
                in his shirt. Kate frantically shakes insects from her hair.            
                Reaching the rear of The Valley, Kate backs up into the cave            
                wall -                                                                  
                - and turns to see something entombed in a niche behind her -           
                A HUMAN SKELETON. Grey. Desiccated. Jaw WIDE OPEN.
                Kate GASPS -- Tries to scramble away - but the floor is                 
                And she WIPES OUT - to find herself cheek-to-cheek with a               
                second skeleton entombed in another niche on the wall!                  
                And, as Kate CRIES OUT...
                                                                 CUT TO BLACK:
                                     END OF ACT ONE
                                          ACT TWO
          15   INT. THE VALLEY - CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS                    15
               Kate writhes between the skeletons - trying to scramble to
               her feet when Jack's hand reaches in -
                         It's OK - it's OK...
               - Kate takes his hand.   He pulls her up -
                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         ...the bees are gone.
               - Jack looks down at Kate - slowly realizing just how little
               they are wearing, and how close they are to one another. Is
               the moment sexually charged? Yes. Then --
                         There's... skeletons.
                             (off Jack's look)
                         Skeletons. Dead people.
               Jack lets go of her hand, snapping back to his normal self as
               he steps away and looks past her to see the TWO SKELETONS...
               and as he looks, everything seems to vanish. Jack kneels
               down, STUDIES them, TRANSFIXED. Kate asks the question we're
               all wanting the answer to --
                                   KATE (CONT'D)
                         Who are they? How'd they...
                         I can't exactly perform an
                         autopsy... but there doesn't seem
                         to be any major trauma to their
                         bones... someone laid them to rest                        
               Kate moves up beside Jack, kneels down next to him as he
               indicates what he means --
                         Don't know.
                         Where'd they come from?
          15    (CO NT'D):                                                     15
                          Didn't you guys shoot a polar bear
                          last week?
                          Where'd that come from?
                Kate shakes her head, almost stifles a grin.      Then --
                          Any idea how long they've -
                Jack gently runs his fingers over the unrecognizable TATTERED
                CLOTHES hanging off the bones...
                          Long. Takes forty, fifty years for
                          clothing to degrade like this...
                Jack FEELS something in what might have been a POCKET at one          
                point. Slowly removes A TINY LEATHER BAG. A small piece of
                TWINE binds it closed...                                              
                          What is it?
                Jack slowly undoes the twine, then turns the bag over his       
                open hand and taps out -- TWO HIGHLY POLISHED STONES. The
                LIGHT glints off their shiny surface - and it's quite clear --  
                One is black.   One is white.
                                     LOCKE'S VOICE
                          Hello!   Anybody in there?
                Jack carefully drops the STONES back into the bag, puts it
                into his OWN POCKET as he turns towards the entrance --
                          Over here...
                Locke and Charlie approach.     Charlie has prominent bee stings
                on his neck and forehead...
                          Everyone all right?
          15     (CO NT'D): (2)                                              15
                              JACK                               KATE
                 A few stings aside.               Yeah.   OK.
                            Brilliant. You two run away
                            fantastically. Well done. I'm
                            glad my diversion spared you. I
                            was only stung several hundred
                            times. Oh -- and...
                 Charlie produces KATE'S SHIRT from behind his back -
                                      CHARLIE (CONT'D)
                            Someone dropped this.
                 Kate sheepishly takes her shirt back --
                            It was full of bees.
                            I'd have thought "C's", actually.
                 Charlie chuckles... but neither Jack nor Locke share the
                 mirth. And that's when Charlie spots THE SKELETONS --
                                      CHARLIE (CONT'D)
                            Bloody hell! Are those the guys
                            who were here before us?
                 Locke trains his glare at Charlie - HE DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT THE
                 FRENCH BROADCAST FROM THE PILOT EPISODE - and Charlie may
                 have just let the cat out of the bag.
                 A pause.   Locke looks at Charlie: intrigued.
                            What are you talking about?
                 Charlie looks at Kate and Jack - busted? The three exchange
                 conspiratorial looks. Charlie tries to cover up --
                            Nothing. I mean - just... there
                            could have been people - here -
                            before us, right?
                 Locke holds Charlie's glance, then kneels over the skeletons -
                            This would prove it, but who are
                            these men?
          15    (CO NT'D): (3)                                               15
                          Actually, one of them's female.                           
                          Our very own Adam and Eve.
                And OFF this revelation...
          16                                                                 16
                We're back at the BEACH - where SHANNON and BOONE walk past         
                Sun and Jin, keeping their distance -                               
                          - all I know is they'd better not                         
                          let him loose - I heard he even                           
                          tried to murder the kid.                                  
                          Check out his wife - the guy's                            
                          homicidal and she's standing by                           
                          him. Must be a Japanese thing.                            
                          She's with him for the same reason                        
                          I'm hanging out with you.                                 
                              (off Boone's look)                                    
                          `Cause I have to.                                         
                - as Boone and Shannon clear the frame, Sun breaks an ALOE          
                LEAF in two and applies the pulp to his wrist:
                          What are you doing?
                          Your skin is very raw... maybe this
                          will help you slip off the cuffs.
                Jin takes the aloe leaf and tosses it aside. Quietly
                rebounding from her husband's scorn, Sun looks at the OTHER
                CASTAWAYS WANDERING AROUND THEM, all of them giving Sun and
                Jin a wide berth.
                Sun turns back to her husband, despairing.    She and Jin are
                alone on this island.
          17   INT. A LAVISH SEOUL APARTMENT - NIGHT - FLASHBACK             17
               Sun and Jin's home as a married couple. The spacious and
               well-appointed place gives a strong visual cue that they have
               been building a life together for some time.                         
               Sun    enters carrying some shopping bags. The place is dark -       
               lit    only by the Seoul city lights... but Sun can clearly see      
               the    large, gift-wrapped box in the center of the living room.
               She    approaches - and opens the box to find -
               - the cutest SHAR-PEI puppy ever seen on American Network
               Television. Sun regards the dog with mixed emotions - like
               someone who has just discovered a newborn at her doorstep.
                                      JIN'S VOICE
                            What do you think?
               Sun turns to see her smiling husband: shirt sleeves rolled up
               and tie undone around his neck - a man who has grown
               comfortable with the garb of a businessman.
                            It's... a puppy...
               Jin puts his arms around Sun as she holds up the puppy: but
               the look on her face is one of apprehension and sadness. Jin
               doesn't notice at first -
                            You like it. Good. It was sired
                            by a champion. The breeder has a
                            two-year waiting list --
                                (off her look)
                            ...I've been working such long
                            hours, I thought you might enjoy
                            the company. Of course, you'll
                            have to train it and feed it but...
                            they're very loyal and...
               - but eventually sees the faraway look on his wife's face:
                                      JIN (CONT'D)
                            Are you OK?
                            Remember when all you had to give
                            me was an orchid?
               LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"      (GREEN)      8/26/04        20.
          17     (CO NT'D):                                                   17
                 It's a fond memory for Sun, but before Jin can reply, his
                 cellphone rings. Jin looks down at the display -
                           Your father...
                 Jin moves away. As Sun is left alone with her new puppy and
                 the feeling that her husband has just dropped a huge
                 responsibility in her lap...
          18                                                                  18
                 ...where Sun turns to Jin, desperate to solve this situation:
                           Jin - please - just let me go and
                           explain this to them. Maybe
                           they'll let you go and -
                 Jin turns a hard look at his wife:
                           How will you explain?
                               (off her look)
                           Your place is by my side.
                           And we will not explain ourselves
                           to a thief.
                 A thief? Michael? What the hell is Jin talking about?
                 the mystery of Jin's actions deepens...
          19                                                                  19
                LOST   "House of the Rising Sun"       (GREEN)    8/26/04         21.
          A20    INT. THE VALLEY - DAY                                      A20     
                 Kate walks across The Valley holding a backpack full of water      
                 bottles when Locke steps up to her.                                
                           I think one of us ought to stay and                      
                           help Charlie salvage the wreckage.                       
                           Are you offering?                                        
                 Locke indicates Charlie picking through the wreckage in the        
                           Sure. Gives me    a chance to get to                     
                           know Mr. Pace a   little better.                         
                               (off Kate's   look)                                  
                           That's his last   name.                                  
                 But before Kate can ask "how did you know that?" Locke has         
                 returned to the wreckage and is helping Charlie. Kate hikes        
                 up her pack and walks on -                                         
                 - to find JACK. At the center of The Valley. Looking at it         
                 all. Taking it in. We can almost see the WHEELS TURNING...
                           Ready to move out? People are
                           probably getting thirsty...
                               (off his faraway look)
                           Forty-six people need to drink a
                           half gallon a day each. Carrying
                           all this water back and forth?
                                (turns to Kate)
                           It's gonna be a real pain in the
                           You're making me regret
                           These caves make too good a shelter
                           to just be used for burial.
                               (off her look)
                           Adam and Eve must have lived here.
              LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"     (GREEN)      8/26/04         21A.
          A20    (CO NT'D):                                                 A20
                 And Kate is NOT liking where this is going. Something
                 INSTINCTUAL kicks in, already emotionally withdrawing...
                                      JACK (CONT'D)
                            The bodies were placed there
                            decades, maybe centuries ago. So
                            their plane crashed - or maybe they
                            were shipwrecked - they probably
                            found this place and knew they
                            could survive here. Unlimited
                            fresh water...
                                (pointing it all out)
                                      (MO RE)
          A20    (CO NT'D): (2)                                          A20
                                       JA CK (CONT'D)
                            ...tree canopy keeps the
                            temperature down - shields out the
                            sun - caves for shelter and food                         
                            storage - and the entrances are
                            narrow - easier to protect from                          
                            predators. We don't need to bring                        
                            the water to the people...
                            We need to bring the people to the
                 Jack turns to Kate, EXCITEMENT in his eyes. For the first
                 time in a long time -- Jack smiles. His statement is simple.
                 Sure. And most importantly, full of HOPE --
                                     JACK (CONT'D)
                           I think we can live here.
                 Kate processes Jack's words - and while his face beams with
                 an optimism he has never expressed before, the look on Kate's
                 face is not unlike Sun's in the last flashback - uncertain if
                 she's getting a gift or a burden.
                 As Jack nods and shoots her a smile...
          20                                                                  20
                 Walt sits on the beach, staring at Jin from a safe but
                 confrontational distance. Sitting in silence, Sun and Jin
                 stare off into the ocean, completely unaware.
                 After a few seconds of being stared at without knowing it,
                 Jin feels Walt's look on him, and turns to look at him.
                 It is a strange moment -- a grown man and a young boy               
                 exchanging glances laden with anger and bewilderment --
                 -- broken as Michael steps up to Walt, holding Vincent on a         
                           What are you doing man?                                   
                               (turning to Jin)                                      
                           Did you say something to my kid?                          
                 Jin shakes his head and looks away.                                 
                                     MICHAEL (CONT'D)                                
                           Move it, Walt.                                            
                 As Michael drags his son out of there, he catches a                 
                 SYMPATHETIC LOOK from Sun... but -                                  
          20     (CO NT'D):                                                  20
                                      MICHAEL (CONT'D)                               
                           Yeah.   Nice talking to you, too.                         
                 Sun's face falls. Whatever good will there was between her          
                 and Michael has been destroyed by Jin. Michael and Walt walk        
                 away -- and after a few beats, Walt breaks the silence...           
                           Why doesn't he like us?                                   
                 Michael comes closer to his son, getting into full on               
                 parental mode --                                                    
                           The Korean man -- you said people                         
                           like him don't like people like us.                       
                 Michael looks up -- realizing that the words he spoke in            
                 anger earlier in the day have had an impact on his son --           
                           Aw - man.    No. I don't think like                       
                           that, OK?    I was just... angry.                         
                           So what'd you do to him?                                  
                 Michael snaps: his pride is hurt, he took a beating in front        
                 of his son - he isn't thinking about parental diplomacy:
                           What did I do?                                            
                 Michael stops to look his son in the face.                          
                                      MICHAEL (CONT'D)                               
                           Tell me. You've been with me since                        
                           we crashed here - have you seen me                        
                           do anything? To anyone? I mean -                          
                           - what kind of man do you think I                         
                           am, anyway?                                               
                 Walt drops his head, says nothing.                                  
          20     (CO NT'D): (2)                                             20
                                      MICHAEL (CONT'D)                             
                            What did your mother say about me?                     
                            She never talked about you.                            
                 Michael is struck - more confirmation that he is a stranger       
                 to his son.                                                       
                            You don't know a thing about me, do                    
                            You don't know a thing about me.                       
                            I know a lot about you.                                
                            Yeah?   When's my birthday?                            
                            August 24.                                             
                            When's mine?                                           
                 Walt's eyes drop to the ground. Of course, he has no idea.
                 The two start walking again - nothing left to say.                
                 Off Michael, wondering if he will ever be able to bridge the      
                 gap between himself and his son...                                
          A21    OMITTED                                                    A21    
          21                                                                21     
                 INT. THE VALLEY - DAY
                 Charlie and Locke move a heavy piece of wreckage out of the
                 way to reveal a few mangled suitcases. Charlie shakes his
                 head and pulls out a brightly-colored sundress - which he
                 tosses aside with much frustration.
          21    (CO NT'D):                                                   21
                          This is just brilliant.
                Shaking his head, Charlie heads out of The Valley - until he
                notices Locke, walking after him -
                                    CHARLIE (CONT'D)
                          Are you following me?
                          No need - just going to the loo.
                Locke stares at Charlie.                                            
                          Is there something you want to tell
                          me, Charlie?
                Charlie stares back - what the hell is this guy's deal?
                          I'm.    Going. To. The.    Loo.
                Locke shakes his head, then:
                          It's dangerous out there. Until we
                          get back to the beach, I'm not
                          breaking line of sight with you.
                          This is a joke, right?
                          How are those bee stings?
                          Oh, bugger off.
                Charlie heads back for the wreckage.   Locke steps up:
                          I know who you are. And I know
                          what you're looking for.
                What? Charlie grabs his trembling hand - has he given
                himself away? Locke's words hang in the air, then:
          21     (CO NT'D): (2)                                              21
                                     LOCKE (CONT'D)
                           Drive Shaft. You played bass.
                 Charlie is gobsmacked. Of all the people to know about his
                 band - is it one of the hot chicks? The doctor? The cool
                 guy with the cigarettes? No. It's the boar hunting freak!
                           And guitar. On a few tracks.                             
                           You've really heard of us?                               
                           Hey. Just because I'm over forty
                           doesn't mean I'm deaf. I have both
                           your albums - although - your self-
                           titled debut was a much stronger
                           effort than "Oil Change."                                
                               (off Charlie's look)                                 
                           That bass line in track six, "Full
                           Release" - you were on fire.
                 And Charlie just absorbs this. Genuine adulation from Locke.
                 And damn if it doesn't feel GOOD. That ole' bravado --
                           Sixteen clean notes in one bar.                          
                           Shame what happened to the band.
                           How long since you last played?
                 Charlie's smile FALTERS --
                           You guitar? Eight days, eleven                           
                           hours. Give or take.
                           You miss it.
                 Charlie shoots Locke a sad, vulnerable nod - Locke has hit on
                 a deeply held truth.
                                     LOCKE (CONT'D)
                           Still a lot of wreckage. It might
                           turn up.
                 Charlie finally speaks from the heart - his speech making it
                 clear, for the first time, that there is at least one thing
                 more important to him in life than his drugs.
          21    (CO NT'D): (3)                                             21
                          Undamaged? Playable? I don't
                          think so. I wish - but - see,
                          there was this bloke at the counter
                          what made me check it in. No room
                          in the cabin. Fascist.
                          I had this sick feeling in the pit
                          of my stomach when they put it on
                          that belt. I should have known I'd
                          never see it again.
                          You'll see it again.
                          Yeah.   What makes you so sure about
                And when Locke says this, he says it with absolute
                CONVICTION. And yeah -- it's a little scary.
                          Because I have faith, Charlie.
                Charlie shoots Locke a "nice try" look - but he's far from
                reassured. Charlie goes back to dig through the wreckage.
                Locke looks at Charlie, now knowing that Charlie's need for
                affirmation is his Achilles heel.
          22                                                                 22
                - where Sun jams a barrette in the cuffs, trying to pick the
                lock. Jin, whose wrist is now bleeding, talks her through:
                          - be gentle - you're going to hit
                          the catch eventually and then -
                Sun pokes at the lock a little too forcefully and bumps Jin's
                wrist - he winces as his injured skin scrapes metal. Trying         
                to suck in the pain, Jin stares daggers up at his wife -            
                                    JIN (CONT'D)
                          Now try it again. This time try to
                          do exactly as I say.
          22    (CO NT'D):                                                   22
                Sun takes a deep breath, she knows that her husband is losing
                his patience - and she knows that it's never pretty -
          23                                                                 23
                The place has changed - become more and more ornate. A
                gilded cage for Sun - who sleeps on the couch with her now
                fully-grown Shar-Pei. A clock reads 4 A.M. Sun is still in
                her street clothes - she has been waiting for her husband -
                - who CRASHES through the door. The lapels on his suit
                jacket turned up, his hands are jammed into the pockets.
                Sun starts awake.
                Sun gets up and rushes to Jin - who heads for the bathroom -
                                    SUN (CONT'D)
                          Are you all right? What's --
                - but Jin ignores her - brushing past her and into -                
          24   INT. LAVISH SEOUL APARTMENT - BATHROOM - FLASHBACK              24
               - Sun follows Jin inside -                                             
                          Please talk to me -                                         
               - just in time to see him drop his jacket - and that's when            
               she realizes that his hands and shirt are STAINED WITH BLOOD.
                                    SUN (CONT'D)                                      
                          - oh god, are you hurt?    What                             
                          happened to you?                                            
               Jin turns on the faucet and washes his hands. Rust-colored             
               water hits the basin. Sun reaches for Jin's hands - quickly            
               realizing that the blood on them is not her husband's -                
                                    SUN (CONT'D)                                      
                          Whose blood is this?                                        
               Jin just keeps washing, facing straight ahead, saying nothing
               - Sun's panic mounts as she tightens her grip on his hands,            
               trying to turn him to face her.                                        
                                    SUN (CONT'D)                                      
                          What were you doing? What                                   
               Jin finally looks at her.                                              
                          I was working.                                              
               Jin tries to go back to washing his hands, but Sun won't just          
               accept this - she needs to know -                                      
                          Doing what? Jin - my father is in                           
                          the car business - you couldn't                             
                          possibly -                                                  
                          - what do you do for my father?                             
                          Just answer me - please - Jin -
                          look at me - what do you do -
               - but he ignores her - and then -
                                                            A dread silence
               Sun belts her husband across the face.
               follows. Cold. Unbearable.
          24     (CO NT'D):                                                  24
                 At this moment - for the first time - Sun sees the dead             
                 expression in his eyes. His face has hardened into an
                 expression of loathing unlike anything Sun has ever seen.
                 Sun recoils - the fear on her face making is clear that the
                 man before her is not the man she married - as Jin answers
                 her question with chilling calm -
                           I do whatever your father asks.
                           I do it for us.
                 - and there it is, the sad and unavoidable truth of this
                 marriage. Jin sold his soul for the woman he loves.
                                     JIN (PRE-LAP) (CONT'D)
                           - that's the catch - now twist it,
                           slowly - don't lose it -
          25                                                                 25
                 - on Sun's face as she keeps working the lock, following her
                 husband's instructions until the barrette SNAPS. Painfully
                 wrenching Jin's wrist. Jin lets out a loud BELLOW.
          25    (CO NT'D):                                                       25
                Sun backs off - preparing for the worst. But Jin just takes
                a deep breath... and MANY anxious beats pass before Jin                 
                speaks. Calm. Measured. Controlled --                                   
                          I want you to get me a knife.     The
                          sharpest you can find.
                          What for?
                Sun looks at Jin - a tear rolls from his eye as he speaks.
                          We're all alone, Sun. You're all I
                          have left. I'm not going to let
                          them take away our honor.
                          I'm going to cut off my thumb. I'm
                          getting out of these cuffs.
                          And then I'm going to go get back
                          what's mine.
                As Sun looks into Jin's eyes, and sees his face hardening
                into that same look from the flashback - her husband's heart
                of darkness...
                                                                  CUT TO BLACK:
                                      END OF ACT TWO
               LOST   "House of the Rising Sun"        (PINK)      8/19/04          31.
                                      ACT THREE
          26   EXT. JUNGLE - PATH TO THE BEACH - AFTERNOON                     26
               Jack and Kate head back towards the beach... Kate stops for a
               moment to take something out of her shoe.
               Jack goes a few steps before turning to see her... and then
               just stands there, watching her perform the simple act of
               tying her shoes, until -
                         Are you checking me out?
               Jack quickly averts his gaze --
                         No shame in --
                         Trust me, if I were checking you
                         out, you'd know it.
                         Yeah? What are you thinking -
                         right now -
                            JACK                               KATE                        
               Well, I sure as hell wasn't -      Don't stop to think - just               
                                                  tell me -                                
                         I was thinking that if we lived at
                         the caves we could build a dam
                         around the spring - so everyone
                         would be able to get fresh water -
                         and we could get the infirmary off
                         the beach.
               Kate regards him quietly, her expression neutral - this is a
               different Jack than she met on the beach seven days ago. A
               cloud has lifted from him as the discovery of The Valley has
               touched an optimistic place in his being...
               ...but as much as she can appreciate that, part of Kate - a
               big part - wishes he had been checking her out. Jack turns
               to Kate, sees she's not quite sharing his excitement --
               LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"       (PINK)   8/19/04        31A.
          26     (CO NT'D):                                                26
                                     JACK (CONT'D)
                           You think it's a bad idea?
               LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"        (PINK)          8/19/04        32.
          26    (CO NT'D): (2)                                                     26
                          No - it makes sense.
                             JACK                                 KATE
                                                    -- No but.
                          Good because a lot of people are
                          still hoping a rescue boat's gonna
                          show up - they aren't thinking
                          about their own safety -
                          - we're gonna have a lot of
                          convincing to do.
                          We?   You haven't convinced me yet.
                Jack smiles - confident he can bring her around. And as she
                SMILES back, chemistry apparent despite what might be a
                slowly forming GULF --                                                    
                                    SAYID'S VOICE                                         
                          It's about time -                                               
                -- Jack and Kate turn to see Sayid, walking toward them,                  
                carrying several logs, as well as crash axe from the plane.
                          - I'm dying of thirst.                                          
          27                                                                       27     
                His logs and axe on a pile on the ground, Sayid opens a                   
                bottle and drinks as he briefs Jack and Kate --                           
                          I am going to let the Korean man                                
                          sit in the sun a while longer -                                 
                          once I have enough wood for our                                 
                          signal fire, I'll take his wife                                 
                          aside - find some way to                                        
                          communicate. I think she knows why
                          he attacked Michael.
                          You sure you don't want me to talk                              
                          to her?
                Sayid shoots Jack a look.    Jack decides not to push it:
               LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"    (PINK)      8/19/04        32A.
          27     (CO NT'D):                                                27
                                      JACK (CONT'D)
                           OK. If you feel you have it under
                                      (MO RE)
               LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"      (PINK)   8/19/04        33.
          27    (CO NT'D): (2)                                            27
                                      JA CK (CONT'D)
                           I'm going to start talking to
                           people about the caves. I might be
                           able to get a few to go with me by
                           nightfall - start setting up a
                          You're serious?
                              (off the looks)
                          Is there a reason you didn't
                          consult us when you decided to form
                          your own civilization?
                          I'm talking about moving a couple
                          of miles inland -
                          Whatever happened to "live
                          together, die alone?"
                          Digging in - together - is the only
                          way we can survive...
                          Our best hope of survival is being
                          spotted by a plane or a ship - and
                          for that we need to organize
                          everyone - to keep that signal fire
                          burning while others scout the
                          island for supplies - "digging in"
                          anywhere else is suicide.
                          It's the only source of fresh water
                          we've found, Sayid.
                          Don't tell me you're part of this
                          And staying here - without water,
                          in the sun - that's not suicide?
               And of course, Jack's logic can't be argued. But Sayid
               doesn't really care -- instead he picks up his firewood and       
               delivers a parting shot --                                        
                          I have better things to do with my
                          life than to admit defeat.
               LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"       (PINK)    8/19/04        34.
          27    (CO NT'D): (3)                                              27
                Sayid looks at Kate, then walks away.   OFF Jack and Kate --
          28                                                                28     
          29                                                                29     
          30                                                                30     
               LOST   "House of the Rising Sun"       (PINK)      8/19/04    35-36.
          31      OMITTED                                                    31    
          32                                                                 32
                  INT. THE VALLEY - DAY
                  Charlie and Locke pull A SHATTERED GRANDFATHER CLOCK from the
                            A grandfather clock? Who travels
                            with a grandfather clock?
                            Must have been freight.
                  And we can see that Charlie is in a STATE. Frustrated. Pale,
                  sweaty... needing a fix, goddammit. Dropping the clock --
                            Well that's it - I'm not spending
                            any more valuable time of my day
                            pulling everyone else's crap but
                            mine out of this stinking fuselage!
                  Charlie turns to storm out of The Valley, Locke follows.
                            It's dangerous out there.
          32    (CO NT'D):                                                      32
                          What is it with you?      Don't think I
                          can handle it?
                Locke gets in front of Charlie - puts a hand on his shoulder -
                holding him back -
                            LOCKE                               CHARLIE
                Frankly - no.                          (enough)
                                                    -- Piss off.
                          Listen -
                - and Charlie finally SNAPS, writhing out of Locke's grasp -
                          No - you listen - you don't know
                          sod-all about dangerous. Last I
                          heard, only one of us has seen a
                          man - THE PILOT OF OUR PLANE - torn
                          to bits by a beast - and - oh wait,
                          that was me! Not that I got a
                          chance to savor the experience
                          seeing as I was dodging a falling
                          cockpit at the time - and as I
                          remember - it was me, not you,
                          climbing up a MOUNTAIN and got
                          jumped by a POLAR BEAR - just to
                          hear from a Frenchy radio signal
                          that somehow's been broadcasting
                          for sixteen years that this island
                          is a death trap and that everyone
                          who lands here SNUFFS IT!
                          And worst of all, I'm never going
                          to find my bloody guitar!
                Charlie finally stops, levelling his coldest, bad-assed-est
                stare at Locke, who simply stares back.
                          I'm still not letting you out of my
                Charlie drops his stance, defeated. Locke turns back to the            
                wreckage - knowing that he has used Charlie's weakness to
                extract from him every one of the secrets of this island, and
                Charlie doesn't even know it...
          32    (CO NT'D): (2)                                              32
                ...but as Charlie resigns himself to staying put for now,
                others are heatedly debating where to stay for good.
          33                                                                33
          34                                                                34
                MICHAEL sits watching his son play with Vincent, then looks
                up to see Sayid approaching.
                          Now what? I already gave you my
                          statement, Sheriff.
                Sayid takes the hit in stride, then --
                          I came to apologize. I shouldn't
                          have been suspicious - you were the
                          victim in the attack this morning.
                Michael sizes Sayid up - then:
                          I appreciate that - but I can tell                       
                          you didn't come all the way here                         
                          just to say you're sorry.                                
                Sayid shrugs - he's been made, might as well get on with it:
                          People are seriously considering
                          following Jack to the caves.
                Michael looks out to see Jack, ACROSS THE BEACH - talking to
                a few castaways - making converts.
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)
                          I'd like to know where you stand.
                          Right here.
                              (off Sayid's look)
                          I got one priority right now, and
                          that's getting my kid off this
                          island. A boat passes by, I'm not
                          gonna be on the hook for missing
                          Good. I'm lining a pit with metal
                          from the plane, for a signal fire.
               LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"         (PINK)      8/19/04        39.
          34    (CO NT'D):                                                      34
                          Need my help?
                          We burned most of our wood when we
                          torched the fuselage. Whatever you
                          can carry.
                Michael nods. Sayid turns to go, but not before patting
                Michael on the shoulder - a gesture of unspoken agreement
                between these two men. As Sayid walks away -
                FIND Sun - watching Michael. Sun takes a beat - gathering              
                herself together - figuring out her next move -
                - then follows Michael, making sure he doesn't see her.
                As Sun clears the frame - FIND Jack, walking away from the
                castaways he was converting and toward -
          35                                                                    35
                EXT. BEACH - HURLEY'S CORNER - DAY
                - where HURLEY packs his things.
                          Glad you're coming.
                          Hey, man -- I go where the boar's
                          View's not bad either.
                          So... what up with you and Kate?
                          "What up?"
                          You know what I mean.       What up?
                Jack just shakes his head --
          35    (CO NT'D):                                                   35
                                    HURLEY (CONT'D)
                          C'mon -- you guys gonna move into a
                          cave together? She'd look just
                          like Wilma if she put a bone in her
                          hair and dude? Wilma's hot.
                          I'm sorry.     Am I in High School?
                              (cracking up)
                          I knew it. You are like, so over
                          that whole "she's on the run from
                          Johnny Law" thing aren't you?
                              (shakes his head; gets up)
                          Just get your stuff together - we
                          need to go soon.
                          That wasn't a denial!
                - and as Jack walks away - FIND Sawyer - walking the shore in
                the opposite direction until he reaches -
          36                                                                 36
                EXT. BEACH - SECLUDED AREA - DAY
                - Kate. Sitting. Looking at the sea, letting the water hit
                her toes, a near-perfect moment wrecked by Sawyer's arrival.
                          Well well well, if it ain't the
                          Belle of the Ball.
                              (off Kate)
                          So what's it like having both the
                          doctor and Cap'n Falafel fighting
                          over you?
                Although Kate shoots Sawyer a "go to hell" glare, it is clear
                from their interaction that they too have a spark - different
                from the emotional bond she shares with Jack, but it's there:
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                          Just calling `em like I see `em,
                                    (MO RE)
               LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"      (PINK)      8/19/04        41.
          36    (CO NT'D):                                                   36
                                      SA WYER (CONT'D)
                           Truth be told, I'm not the only
                           person wondering where you're going
                           to weigh in on this whole "moving
                           off the beach" thing.
                          Hey -- Jacko may be saving lives,
                          but everyone here knows you went to
                          get the transceiver, and hunt boar,
                          and send the distress signal...
                          even if they don't know how that
                          worked out.
                Kate looks at Sawyer - and the plainness of her question
                makes it clear that she DOES care what he says and does:
                          Are you going?
                          That's the real trick, isn't it?
                          We all pack up stakes to the caves,
                          and the next day a plane passes by -
                          they're gonna go on their merry way
                          and be none the wiser... On the
                          other hand, you stay here and get
                          eaten by boars or fall off a rock -
                          there isn't gonna be anyone around
                          to answer the 911 call, am I right?
                          You didn't answer my question.
                          You didn't answer mine.    And I
                          asked first.
                              (getting up)
                          Sayonara, sugarpop.
                And OFF Kate as she watches him go...
          37                                                                 37     
                EXT. BAMBOO FOREST - DAY
                As Sun walks through the bamboo trees with a purpose -              
                REVERSE P.O.V. to show Michael, chopping up kindling with the
                crash axe.                                                          
                Sun keeps walking toward Michael - the resolve on her face          
                growing - there is something she needs to do, and it involves       
                him, but before we get to that -                                    
                LOST   "House of the Rising Sun"       (PINK)          8/19/04         41A.
          C38    INT. LAVISH SEOUL APARTMENT - NIGHT - FLASHBACK                 C38      
                 - where Sun sits with a DECORATOR (female, 50's.) The                    
                 Decorator shows her swatches from a binder as JIN stands in              
                 the background, on his phone, consumed by work and trying to             
                 shoo the bothersome Shar-pei from his feet -                             
                           Your husband told me that money is                             
                           no object to redecorate this place.                            
                           You're a very lucky wife.                                      
                 But they are interrupted when Jin snaps his fingers, pointing            
                 at the dog. Sun stands and leads the dog away from her                   
                 husband. Things have changed - the familiar dynamic of Jin's
                 dominance and Sun's submissiveness has taken root completely.
                 Sun returns and exchanges a look with the Decorator who                  
                 appears to ignore Jin's humiliating treatment of his wife:               
                           Let's look at the place from the                               
                           bedroom, shall we?                                             
                 Sun follows the Decorator as she bustles through the                     
                 apartment, out of Jin's view, and into:                                  
                 And as soon as they're out of earshot, the CHARADE IS OVER.              
                 The Decorator's smile DROPS and her tone of voice becomes a
                 deadly serious whisper - whoever this woman is, it's                     
                 abundantly clear that she is NOT here to decorate:                       
                           Are you sure about this?                                       
                           DECORATOR                             SUN
                 You've taken your lessons?
                 Studied?                          -- Yes.
                 Sun nods. Whatever they are talking about, it has been
                 DISCUSSED, PLANNED... and is about to become reality:
                LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"      (PINK)     8/19/04         41B.
          B38     (CO NT'D):                                                 B38
                            You realize that your husband, and                        
                            your father will do everything they                       
                            can to find you -                                         
                                (off Sun's nod)                                       
                            - are you sure you and your husband                       
                            can't reconcile - talk?                                   
                  Sun shakes her head, then looks up.                                 
                            When I'm gone, will you care for my                       
                  The Decorator nods, then hands over the folio:                      
                            There's no coming back from this.                         
                  Sun opens the folio - E.C.U. INSIDE THE FOLIO - an American         
                  PASSPORT with Sun's picture. IDs. Credit cards. A Maine             
                  driver's license.
                  Sun moves to a dresser, opens a drawer, and pulls out a false
                  bottom, hiding the folio underneath - the promise of a new          
                  life mixing with the danger of what she is planning to do -         
                                      DECORATOR (CONT'D)                              
                            During his business trip. At the                          
                            airport. At eleven fifteen you                            
                            make an excuse and walk out of the                        
                            terminal. Bring nothing. A car                            
                            will be waiting - for the first                           
                            week your family will assume you                          
                            have been kidnapped. You will lay                         
                            low until they come to think you                          
                            are dead. After that, you will be                         
                            free to move wherever you want.                           
                            Now tell me when.
                            At the airport, eleven fifteen...                         
                  Sun looks into the main room to see JIN, pacing, on the phone       
                  and repeats the words --                                            
                            Eleven fifteen... Eleven fifteen...                       
                LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"       (PINK)        8/19/04      42.
          B38    (CO NT'D): (2)                                               B38
                 -- as Sun's courage and resolve grow with each repetition --         
          A38                                                                 A38     
                 EXT. BAMBOO FOREST - RESUMING
                 -- the look on Sun's face is a match for the end of the              
                 flashback. Michael gathers up the chopped wood and turns             
                 just as she closes the distance --                                   
                 -- the two are now face to face, but Michael has no time for         
                 this --                                                              
                            Oh great, look who came to chat.                          
                                (off Sun's look)                                      
                            No offense but I really don't have                        
                            time to -                                                 
                 But Michael is cut short when Sun does something no one could
                 have possibly predicted -                                            
                 - SHE SPEAKS TO HIM IN ENGLISH.
                            I need to talk to you.                                    
                 POW!   Michael drops the wood.   And his jaw.                        
                 Off Michael and Sun - as he realizes that all this time, she         
                 has heard and understood everything that has been said about
                 her and her husband...
                                                                  CUT TO BLACK:       
                                      END OF ACT THREE                                
                                           ACT FOUR
          38    EXT. BEACH - TREE LINE - CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS                38
                Michael's state of shock remains unabated:
                           You speak English.
                           MICHAEL                                  SUN
                You speak English?                Yes.
                           Why didn't you saying anything?
                Sun shoots Michael the kind of exasperated look she has been
                waiting for years to give her husband:
                           My husband doesn't know.
                           Why would you learn English without                         
                           telling your husband?                                       
                           He has a temper -                                           
                           - yeah but -                                                
                               (and it finally hits him)                               
                           - were you going to leave him?      Is                      
                           that why you didn't -                                       
                Sun looks at Michael, this is not an open topic.
                           What my husband did to you today -
                           it was a misunderstanding.
                           No - I got it loud and clear.
                           It was the watch.
                Sun points at Michael's wrist - he's wearing a shiny,
                expensive new watch. Michael stares at Sun, flummoxed.
          38    (CO NT'D):                                                  38
                          Your husband tried to murder me
                          over a watch? I found this two
                          days ago...
                          And he has been looking for it for
                          five. It belongs to my father. He
                          entrusted it to my husband.
                Michael shakes his head - none of this makes any sense:
                                     SUN (CONT'D)
                          My father is a very powerful man.
                          The watch was a gift for one of his
                          American business associates. It
                          was my husband's job to deliver it
                          in my father's name.
                          My husband has spent years working
                          for my father - earning his trust,
                          his respect. Protecting that watch
                          is a question of honor.
                          Honor? Trying to kill me in front
                          of my kid - that's honor?
                          You don't know my father.
                Sun looks at Michael - there is only one thing about this
                situation she truly expects him to understand:
                                    SUN (CONT'D)
                          My husband has to be stopped.   I
                          need your help.
                Off Michael - wondering what the hell she means by that and
                what she expects him to do about it.
          39                                                                39
                We find CHARLIE alone... nervously checking over his shoulder
                while he attempts to find a moment of privacy as he shuffles
                toward one of the EXIT CAVES...
                And he's gonna make it out, successfully ditching Locke --
                wherever the hell he is -- as he reaches into his pocket and       
                pulls out his BAGGIE --
          39     (CO NT'D):                                                  39
                 There's LOCKE. Blocking his path. Charlie stops, closes his
                 fist around the baggie, and lets Locke have it:
                           Listen to me you old git. I'm
                           going into the jungle. A man
                           has... has a right to privacy.    So
                           leave me ALONE.
                 Locke looks up and down at Charlie, quietly taking stock.
                 Charlie holds Locke's line of sight, until -
                           Just hand them to me.
                 - and that's when Charlie's stare breaks.
                                     LOCKE (CONT'D)
                           You're going to run out. My guess
                           is sooner rather than later.
                               (off Charlie's look)
                           Painful detox is inevitable... give
                           them up now, and at least it will
                           be your choice.
                           Don't talk to me like - like you
                           know something about me.
                           I know a lot more about pain than
                           you think. I don't envy what
                           you're facing - but I want to help.
                 Charlie is torn. Someone is finally on to his secret - and,
                 instead of judging, wants to help him escape.
                                     LOCKE (CONT'D)
                           Do you want your guitar?                                 
                 Locke's stare pierces Charlie's soul. There is something
                 about this man: this humorless, mystical - and sometimes
                 scary - guy that nevertheless inspires a strange confidence.
                 Charlie nods.   Yes.
                                     LOCKE (CONT'D)
                           More than your drugs?
                           More than you could know.
          39     (CO NT'D): (2)                                               39
                           What I know is this island might
                           just give you what you're looking
                           for... but you have to give the
                           island something in return.
                 Locke holds out his hand. Finally realizing this may be the
                 only way he will get out of his addiction with some dignity,
                 Charlie hands the drugs over to Locke.
                 The moment hangs between the two. Charlie then looks up at
                 Locke, his great expectations clear as he asks:
                           Can you really find my guitar?                            
                 Locke holds up his index finger.   Charlie stares at Locke -
                           Look up, Charlie.
                           Don't tell me you want me to pray
                           or something -
                           - I want you to look up.
                 And as Charlie does what he is told... TILT UP - to REVEAL A
                 GUITAR CASE, hanging from a tree some fifty feet above.             
                 Utterly fuckstruck, Charlie looks down at Locke - then back
                 up at his guitar - so near, yet so far away... and breaks
                 into tears.
                           I never thought -
                 Locke puts his hand on Charlie's shoulder, consoling him:
                           I know. I know.                                           
                           Come on, Charlie.   I'll help you
                           get it down.
                 Charlie looks up at Locke - tears streaming - and for the
                 first time since the beginning of this journey, Locke smiles.
          40   OMITTED                                                      40     
          41                                                                41     
               A small group of people - including Jack and Hurley - prepare       
               to go to the valley. Jack breaks off and makes his way to -         
               - Kate, who sits, unmoved. Jack makes eye contact - the look        
               on Kate's face, and the growing weariness in Jack's step
               makes what they both know absolutely clear:
                         Hey.   Almost time to go.                                 
               Kate hates this - disappointing Jack is the last thing she
               wants to do, but she has no choice -
                         I don't want to be Eve.
                         No one's asking you to.
               - and there is a part of Kate that wishes, more than anything
               else in the world, that he were asking. But that's not the
               part of her that's calling the shots:
                         I just can't dig in.
               Jack wants to go, is exasperated -- but he's a guy who needs
               to UNDERSTAND things... understand HER --
               LOST     "House of the Rising Sun"       (PINK)      8/19/04        48.
          41    (CO NT'D):                                                    41
                           Why not? Someone else can stay
                           here -- keep a lookout -- wait for
                           rescue. Why does it have to be
                           It's not that.
                           Then what is it?
                Kate just shakes her head - why can't he just understand?
                Jack watches her, realizing that a logical argument isn't
                going to win the day...
                                      JACK (CONT'D)
                           How did you get to be this way?
                           Just what did you do, Kate?
                Kate levels a cold stare at Jack - now that he's gone there,
                her decision to stay feels justified:
                           You had your chance to know - you
                           don't get to ask again.
                Jack processes her words and body language - this
                conversation is over:
                           If you need me, you know where to
                           find me.
                Kate turns as Jack exits, then, under her breath:
                           You know where to find me too.
                And in this quiet moment, A FLASH OF VULNERABILITY as we
                realize Kate isn't cold -- she's just protecting herself.
                Off this quiet, thoughtful MOMENT --
          42                                                                  42
                We're EXTREMELY TIGHT on the crash axe.     PULL BACK to find it     
                tightly in the grip of --
          42    (CO NT'D):                                                 42
                He's got blood in his eyes and he's heading straight for JIN.
                Jin sees Michael approaching - brandishing a lethal weapon -
                and pushes himself back against the wreckage - for the first
                time, REAL FEAR creeps into Jin's stoic countenance.
                Michael gets closer and closer - he could split Jin's skull
                like a melon -
                          I know you can't understand a word -
                          and normally I'm not the talking-
                          out-loud type - but since I have a
                          captive audience - I hope for your
                          sake that you LISTEN.
                Michael's fingers tighten around the axe handle. Jin holds
                his palms out - he may not speak English, but he gets it that
                he could be facing the business end of that weapon.
                                    MICHAEL (CONT'D)
                          I'm not exactly having the best
                          month of my life. A woman I had a
                          relationship with ten years ago
                          died halfway around the world - I
                          barely know my son... and now I
                          gotta be his daddy. Then there was
                          the little accident that put us in
                          this hell hole - and to top it off,
                          I have a deranged Korean guy trying
                          to kill me - and for what?
                Michael reaches for his wrist and undoes the watch - turning
                it around to show Jin the back plate - engraved in Hangul.
                Michael holds the watch to Jin's face - then points at the
                watch and at Jin repeatedly, making it look like he saw the
                characters and figured all this out on his own.
                                     MICHAEL (CONT'D)
                          I get it: you have an insane code-
                          of-honor thing with your father-in-
                          law, and delivering this watch to
                          one of his cronies was the one
                          thing you were living for - that
                          just makes you stupid - but to try
                          and kill a man? I'd have given it
                          back if you'd asked.
                          My watch broke.                                         
                                     (MO RE)
          42     (CO NT'D): (2)                                             42
                                       MI CHAE L (CONT'D)
                            I found this in the wreckage and,
                            hey, I figured why let a twenty                         
                            thousand dollar watch go to                             
                                       (MO RE)
          42    (CO NT'D): (3)                                              42
                                      MI CHAE L (CONT'D)
                           which is ridiculous since time
                           doesn't matter on a damn island.
                           So - you want your watch back - I'm
                           giving it to you. Not because you
                           tried to kill me, but because I am
                           not a thief.
                Michael tosses the watch. Jin catches it... but Michael is          
                bringing the AXE up in the air! Jin cowers. Closes his              
                eyes. This is it. And the AXE WHISTLES DOWNWARDS AND
                Severs the chain. Jin opens his eyes - surprised to be
                alive. Michael levels an unyielding stare at the man:
                                    MICHAEL (CONT'D)
                          Stay away from me and my kid.
                And we hear a TICKING SOUND as Michael walks away, dragging         
                the axe on the sand. As Jin watches him go, duly humbled -          
                REVEAL - SUN, watching from a distance as a stunned, confused       
                Jin tries to scrape himself and his dignity off the fuselage.
                And Sun's voice - now in English - ECHOES over the scene -          
                                    SUN'S VOICE (PRE-LAP)
                          Eleven fifteen - eleven fifteen -
                          eleven fifteen...                                         
          43                                                                 43
                - Sun - wearing the clothes seen in the pilot - stands alone        
                under a big clock. The time reads 11:13.
                Jin stands in line at the counter a dozen meters away from
                Sun. In front of Jin is Jack -- DEJA VU as we recognize his
                speech from last episode --
                          In sixteen hours, I need to land in
                                     (MO RE)
          43    (CO NT'D):                                                    43
                                      JA CK (CONT'D)
                           And I need that coffin to clear
                           customs because there is going to
                           be a hearse waiting there.
                Jin shakes his head, wondering "what the hell is this
                white guy yelling about," then looks at his watch. But we're         
                watching all this from the POINT OF VIEW OF SUN as she looks
                back up at the clock -
                           Eleven fifteen - eleven fifteen...
                - then at the glass door out of the terminal.
                A car pulls up to the curb - is this the one?
                Sun looks at her husband - who doesn't notice her.
                She looks up at the clock...
                ... and the car is waiting outside... Sun's deliverance from
                a soul-destroying marriage.
                Escape.   Freedom.   Dead ahead.   Just walk out.
                Sun shoots a final glance at Jin - only this time he makes
                eye contact - and smiles. Sun looks at Jin, confused. He             
                reaches into his jacket -
                - and pulls out a WHITE ORCHID.
                And everything STOPS. This is a profound moment. A LIFE-
                CHANGING MOMENT. Because in this simple gesture --
                Sun sees the man she loves - trapped somewhere in all the
                rage and anger - but still very much there.
                But her path is set. Too late to turn back now. So -- as a
                single TEAR falls down her cheek, she turns. Takes a step
                toward the exit - toward her FREEDOM -
                And then she stops. The look on her face tells the story.            
                She just can't do it.
                For Sun to escape from her husband, her entire life, without
                trying to somehow redeem the good man she married now feels
                like an awful thing to do.
          43    (CO NT'D): (2)                                                 43
                Sun turns back to Jin and walks, closing the distance between
                herself and her husband.
                And as she walks, she drops the black envelope with all of
                the counterfeit identity documents into a garbage can.
                Sun arrives at her husband's side -
                          Something wrong?
                Jin hands her the flower, gives her a peck on the cheek.
                          No.   It's beautiful.
                Jin shrugs.   His wife is crying for no reason.    Women.
                Jack finally moves off the ticket counter and Jin steps up...
                Sun cradles her orchid... and it becomes clear that her
                decision to stand by Jin - her hope that someday she might be
                able to reconnect with the optimistic young romantic she
                married - is exactly what put her on the Oceanic flight and            
                landed her on the island...
          44                                                                    44
                As Jin walks away - C.U. on Jin's hand.   As Sun's hand enters
                frame, slipping into his palm.
                Jin turns to his wife, and closes his hand around hers. As
                this damaged, but maybe, someday, redemptive couple makes
                their way off the shore...
                                                                CUT TO BLACK:
                                     END OF ACT FOUR
                                       ACT FIVE
          45   EXT. BEACH - DUSK                                           45
               The group following Jack to The Valley is ready to go as Jack
               straps on his pack.
                         OK, people, let's get moving, we
                         gotta be there before sundown.
               FIND - Sun and Jin, hurriedly packing their things.   Jin
               speaks as if nothing happened today -
                         The doctor has a point - leaving
                         the beach is the right thing to do -
                         and we'd better stay close to him,
                         in case one of us gets sick -
               - but something did happen today - and although Sun nods
               quietly, she notices he is packing the watch.
                                   JIN (CONT'D)
                         - and I can always come back and
                         fish in daytime - this place can't
                         be so far away that -
               In an act of simple, quiet defiance, Sun stands, picks up her
               bag and walks away- Jin is stunned:
                                   JIN (CONT'D)
                         I'm still talking - Sun! What are
                         you doing? I'm not finished -
               Sun turns, looks at her husband -
                         Don't you want to move on?
               Sun then turns her back on him and keeps walking. Jin
               considers his wife's simple, yet infinitely loaded words as
               she walks toward Jack's now-departing group -
               - and then finally stands. As Jin trails after his wife, he
               turns to see Michael and Walt - handing logs to Sayid as he        
               organizes them on top of the metal sheets of his makeshift
               signal fire.
               Jin and Michael exchange looks -
          45     (CO NT'D):                                                  45
                 - and Jin stops in front of Michael. Walt gets a look at Jin
                 and gets very close to his father, who puts a protecting arm
                 around his son.
                               (without subtitles)
                           My apologies.
                 Michael casts a dubious look at Jin, but Jin's tone and the
                 proud, yet contrite look on his face make his intent clear.
                 SUN - stops and watches her husband as Michael replies:
                           I don't speak Korean.
                               (off Jin)
                           But the word you're looking for is
                 Jin regards Michael, then:
                 Michael nodes, then indicates Walt:
                           Now my kid.
                 Jin looks down at Walt - he doesn't like this, but it is a
                 question of honor -
                 Michael nods, then extends a handshake at Jin. Jin accepts     
                 the gesture - and as he does, the remaining cuff slips down
                 over Jin's wrist. He will wear it for the run of the series -
                 a reminder of almost killing a man over nothing.
                 The pleasantries done, Jin turns to see his wife - joining
                 the now-departing Valley party.
                                     JIN (CONT'D)
                               (without subtitles)
                           Sun! Wait!
                 As Jin rushes after Sun...
          45      (CO NT'D): (2)                                               45
                  CHARLIE'S HAND - trembling as he struggles to pluck out a few
                  notes at -
          46                                                                   46     
                  INT. THE VALLEY - LATER
                  - where Charlie sits in one of the niches on the rockface,
                  cradling his newly-returned instrument.
                  Even though his trembling hands and the initial symptoms of
                  withdrawal won't let him hit the notes dead on, every time
                  Charlie hits a string and an un-amplified sound TWANGS from
                  the instrument, he is a happy man.                                  
                  Locke and Charlie exchange nods, then -
                                       JACK (O.S.)
                  Charlie and Locke turn to see Jack - entering The Valley with
                  his group. Locke steps over to meet him:
                            What's this?
                  Jack flashes a smile and an "isn't it obvious?" shrug:
                            New tenants.
                  Locke looks at the arriving castaways - some of them go about
                  the task of discovering The Valley right away, but HURLEY -         
                  sits down in the first place he can find -
                            A short walk - they lied.
                  - and puts on his headphones. As the twangy notes from
                  Charlie's guitar blend with the music from Hurley's                 
                  A SERIES OF DISSOLVES SET TO THE MUSIC - show the camp
                  forming in The Valley (the music carries through to the end         
                  of the episode.)                                                    
          C47                                                                 C47
                  INT. THE VALLEY - NIGHT
                  Jack and several others at the spring - fill up water
                  containers, drink without fear of running out -
          B47    INT. THE VALLEY - NIGHT                                     B47
                 - as Sun looks at the wreckage, picks up the sundress
                 previously tossed aside by Charlie, shows it to her husband -
          A47                                                                A47
                 INT. THE VALLEY - NIGHT
                 - while Locke puts together a bonfire in the middle of The
                 Valley. Jack watches - everyone seems content: whatever Kate        
                 and Sayid might say, this will be a good place to live.
                 As the flames gather strength and the assembled group crowds
                 around them -
                 MATCH DISSOLVE TO - a log - thrown into a fire at -
                 EXT. BEACH - NIGHT
          47                                                                  47
                 - where Michael, Boone & Shannon, Sawyer, Sayid, Kate and a
                 couple of EXTRAS watch the signal fire. The flames rise into
                 the night. The mood is somber - a group of people gathered          
                 in the hope of rescue as opposed to the promise of survival.        
                 Walt looks up at his father - Michael returns his glance.
                            Can I ask you something?
                            Anything you want, man.
                            When's your birthday?
                 Michael smiles, kneels next to his son, putting an arm around
                 him. As the two talk - a bridge forming between them...             
          48                                                                  48
                 Where Jack watches the bonfire, thinking of Kate...                 
                 EXT. BEACH - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS
                 ...where Kate stands next to Sayid... thinking of Jack.
                 Off the sadness of two kindred souls unable to connect...           

                                       THE END

House Of The Rising Sun

Writers :   Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Genres :   Adventure  Drama  Mystery  Thriller

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